A new bill giving all of the UK intelligence agencies and police the greatest surveillance powers in the western world has recently been passed into law. Similar such laws exist in the US meaning governments are spying on their entire nation.

What is Mass and Targeted Surveillance?

Mass surveillance is the indiscriminate monitoring of all individuals in a group whereas targeted surveillance only survey’s current and potential threats. 
I disagree with mass surveillance and don’t think it should be allowed without much further consideration of its implications! At the moment in the UK and the US, they have legal access to all your details and to get them and store them by almost any means, no warrant like things in the real world.

Why does this matter?

The biggest risk to this is having all of the data and personal details, (banking details, private documents etc..) stored in government servers is that these servers get hacked. There are new data leaks every day, but imagine if there was a data leak with entire populations personal details, everything about everyone gone public. I know this is an extream scenario but something similar is not unlikely. 
Not only this but mass surveyance in current times is proving to be virtually useless. Currently, the populations are far too big for even the most advanced technology to be able to sift through and decipher legitimate threats from normal internet use and there has been almost no evidence to suggest that mass surveillance has stopped a single crime. 
What has been shown to work is targeted surveillance which has stopped countless terror threats, which I have no problem with.


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